eosemantics for weird data; mediation, integration, heterogeneity and vocabularies

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Authors:Peter Fox


Geosciences are in the Big Data era. Earth as-a-system, is being observed with greater resolution, frequency, mode, and across disciplines (bio, geo, chem, ...). As a result the demand for discovery of relevant data from unknown sources (i.e. not the usual data portal) is increasing at a rate that is both frustrating researchers, and confounding data providers. The latter cannot keep up with the diversity of audiences that seek their data. The researchers want to discover, explore, access and integrate a variety of datasets. Yes, this is a job for semantics - but one with a distinct set of characteristics that geoscience engenders. This talk will frame the problem statement from the (at least) two viewpoints; producers and consumers, and then indicate the key curation role that geosemantics is playing in bridging/ mediating the two communities. Examples from several geo-communities will indicate the current state of development and future needs; of geoscientist and computer science developments.


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November 15, 2013
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