TWed Fall 2012 (archival)

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Note: This is an archive page for the TWed: Tetherless World Wednesday Night Educational Series. Please refer to the TWed home page for the current schedule.
Starting with the Fall 2011 term, there's always something happening on Wednesday Nights at the Tetherless World Constellation!

Logistics (Fall 2012):

About TWed:

  • TWed Talks are informal overview talks and tutorials on topics of interest to the Tetherless World community. TWed gives members of the lab the chance to share tools and expertise. TWed talks are not lectures; they are expected to be highly interactive and fun. TWed leaders are encouraged to include live "hack" activities in their session plans.

  • TWed Hackspaces during the TWed time are informal group work sessions inspired by the Hackerspace movement. This is a time when TWC people will "be around" and you can rely on the "right" people being available to answer your questions and help with your hacks. This is also a great opportunity for project teams to "hack" together on problems, with the knowledge and resources of TWC surrounding you.

Schedule of TWed Topics and Leaders (Fall 2012):

Potential Spring 2013 TWed Topics (still to be scheduled):

  • Talk: The Deep Carbon Observatory (TWC DCO Data Science Team)
  • Talk: A Crash Course in Computational Biology, Biomedical Semantics and Why They Matter (Jim McCusker)
  • Talk: Hacking with jQuery, Triple stores and SPARQL (Amar Viswanathan )
  • Talk/Hackspace: Cleaning Your Data with Google Refine (John Erickson)
  • Talk: Topics of interest by Professors Jim Hendler, Deborah McGuinness, Peter Fox and Joanne Luciano
  • Talk:Jim Myers (CCNI) on SEAD (Sustainable Environment - Actionable Data) Project

Note: Videos of past TWed Talks are available on ustream

Date Video Leader Hour 1 (7p-8p) Hour 2 (8p-9p) Supplementary Resources (optional)
12 Sep TWC WebSci Team What is Web Science? TWed Hackspace WSTNet RPI Web
19 Sep Health Data Challenge Hackathon #1 Jim McCusker TWed Hackspace  
26 Sep Health Data Challenge Hackathon #2 Jim McCusker TWed Hackspace
03 Oct Alexei Bulazel Summer Internship TWed Hackspace  
10 Oct Prof. Jim Hendler Topic TBA... TWed Hackspace  
17 Oct     TWed Hackspace  
24 Oct Alvaro Graves (TWC RPI) Visualizations with SPARQL and Visualbox TWed Hackspace See also:
31 Oct     TWed Hackspace  
07 Nov Jim Myers Active and Social Data Curation: Using Semantic Content Management to Reinvent the Business of Community-scale Lifecycle Data Management TWed Hackspace  
14 Nov     TWed Hackspace  
28 Nov Josh Shinavier Semantics and Sensors TWed Hackspace  
05 Dec     TWed Hackspace  
12 Dec TWC Grad Students Grad Student Lightning Talks TWed Hackspace See: Giving Lightning Talks


  • Dates in bold have been "reserved" by the leader...
  • The alternating hack:talk pattern is interrupted to accommodate the schedule of leaders.
  • Topic suggestions and requests are welcome!